Jan. 25th, 2011

I've been waking up way too early on my days off lately (like 530-6). But, even so, I can't usually get out the door until at least noon. Not so today. I was out the door and running by 10. And by running, I mean hurry up and wait. But that was okay. I went to have Emmett's oil and fuel filter changed. That took about two hours...a little longer than I'd have liked, but not bad. I say longer than I'd like because all day long I was trying to outrun the STORM OF DOOM.

So, I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch, then off to...Ikea, of course.

I stopped at Best Buy first. WHO GOT A BLU RAY PLAYER AND HDMI CABLE FOR $7.78? THIS GIRL. To be fair, I had $120 in Best Buy gift certificates, but BAM! THAT HAPPENED.

Went to Target to get some new wiper blades and visit some of my future housewares before I made any decisions at Ikea.

Got the three things on my list at Ikea. Serving bowl for $4, Wok for $5 (MF $5 wok...I bought it to make rice krispie treats), and step stool for $15. I also bought a Christmas Ornament stand that looks like a tree in as is for $10. Paid $9.99 for it all, the leftover of my gift card covered the rest.

I went to give blood after Ikea and was healthy enough to give a double red blood cell donation! WOOHOO! It was my first time. Really kind of cool. Watching the blood go out and the plasma and platelets come back. It was starting to look grim, storm wise, sprinkling as I was leaving. But since I was driving South, I got home just as it started sprinkling here and was in bed for a little nap right before it started pouring.

It's really been a great day, despite the weather. I'm going to watch West Wing and eat pizza and do some packing and pack and pack and pack tomorrow and Thursday while Matt and Mike are gone. HEY, DID I MENTION I'M MOVING?



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