A joyous, healthy, and prosperous new year to all! I wish you nothing but happiness in 2006 (come on, it has to be better than '05 :P).

My goals for 2006...I just can't call them resolutions. )
Friends all,

I wish you the Merriest Christmas, the Happiest Hanukkah, and a most joyous Holiday Season.

I spent a lovely Christmas morning with my mom and am now at work (we're going for a little Narnia-related park awareness later). Speaking of Narnia...saw it last night. Brilliant. I didn't think I could love Liam Neeson any more. Aslan!
Happy Independence Day!

Went to see the fireworks at Magic Kingdom last night. After a little pre-show oops in the island, everthing went off beautifully. The designer really took advantage of the new firing locations for Wishes.

All has been relatively quiet at work so far today...knock on wood. After BBQ tonight, I think we're going to join the masses at Epcot. I love fireworks...I'm just glad I'm not loading. It's hot today! I'll stop with rambley.

Everyone have a fun day (even you non-Yanks)!
I just wanted to wish those who celebrate it a Happy Easter! For those who do not, have a happy spring season!

And thanks for putting up with the Clone Wars rants all last week. It was a fun ride!
Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone has the luck of the Irish follow them for the rest of the year!

ETA: Did I actually just type "Valentine's Day?" Okay, well, I'm working entirely too much this week...what I meant to say is Happy St. Patrick's Day. (They're both Saints...leave me alone.)


Jan. 6th, 2005 10:52 am
First of all, Happy New Year to everyone! It's been crazy around here...I've been working overnights so it's hard just to find the time to sleep, let alone post. I hope everyone's new year is off to a fantastic start.

Second, I haven't read anyone's journals yet today because I wanted to post my Alias thoughts before reading everyone else's.

Finally, HOLY ALIAS )

Well...those are my rants. On the whole, a fantastic evening of television. I think I'm gonna like this Lost/Alias combo.
To All...

I'm stuck here at work until 2:30 (hopefully earlier), but I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope you're with family and friends having a very special day. Of course, that's my wish for those of you who do not celebrate Christmas as well. Have a wonderful day!

(I hope I can wait to open presents until 3! ::eek::



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