Oh SciFi (channel and in general)...way to own me this summer.

I've been rewatching Dark Angel on Mondays. Found it squeeworthy that Lt. Gaeta was in it. I know I watched, but I remember almost nothing of the series. It was very much ahead of its time. I totally forgot about Original Cindy!!! She's totally rad. I find the "future slang" a little jarring, but I can tune it out. And Normal!!!! Bip, bip, bip!

Also watched the entire season 2 of The 4400 today (and I wonder where the day went). Poor Summer Glau...she's never going to get away from River. I was totally owned by season 2. I like that they dropped the "4400 of the week" premise (mostly). And I really didn't like Alanna from what I'd seen of her in S3, but after seeing their "marriage," I really do like her. WAHKYLE! And S3 makes so much more sense now. And...I'm a little smitten with Joel Gretsch.

Non Skiffy related...On the Daily Show, Jon just got John Hodgeman to say, "I'm a PC." HEE!!!
I highly recommend the Osceola Flea Market if you need socks, second-hand books, things that cost less than $2 or fresh produce. Also, I think I haggled for the first time, but really the guy did all the wheeling and dealing...I just kind of agreed to buy the two strands of gemstones that were nice, but I wasn't really going to buy. Ocean jasper $10, red coral $20, he offered me $38. I was like "wha?...can't I just pay $30?" Then, he amended $28, then when I pulled out $28 cash he told me $27. Um...okay. I wish all haggling was that easy.

I packed this evening while Matt was at church and we ate at Cracker Barrel and talked about the priest who talked about the Da Vinci Code in his homily tonight (without reading or seeing it) and basically all his arguments SUPPORTED the book/movie instead of denouncing which is what he intended.

I watched the finale of Desperate Housewives and really, they can't surprise me anymore. Stop telegraphing, please. If I get it beforehand...well.

Now, I'm trying (unsuccessfully) to sleep before my flight tomorrow. We'll see.
1) I have stared Satan in the face. What does he look like? Dove caramels. OMGSOGOOD.

2) I just applied for my first passport. Time I was in the courthouse? Less than 30 minutes. The lady didn't ask me one question (except for the oath). Wow. Here's to leaving the country in a hurry if I have to! Less than 2 hours to get photos, pick up birth certificate from bank, get lost and wait in line. Wow.

3) Got Wallace & Grommit and the Curse of the Ware-Rabbit! Yay!

4) ASL tonight! Yay!

5) New Lost & Invasion tonight!

6) Going to find more satan now...I mean chocolate.

7) Yay!


Dec. 26th, 2005 09:31 am
Holy crap! Serenity's tomorrow!

Due to the miracle of science (inertia, mostly) and two separate accidents, I effectively punched myself in the nose at work last night. While my fist didn't actually connect with my nose, I do have nice bruises on both nose and fist. Why, yes, I am that clumsy.

And, because I'm turning into that old lady who can't program her vcr, I missed Invasion (saw Lost at work). Watched Over There...I've only seen two episodes, but I really like Dim (even though I question his intelligence at times...then I remember I basically punched myself in the nose). And Sgt. Scream. He's awesome.

Ooo. Payday!

I guess that's it.


Jul. 13th, 2005 11:54 pm
I was at Wal-Mart today and they had "Titus" on DVD. I forgot how great that show was. I was going to get it, but payday is Thursday...so I didn't. I've been thinking about shows that need to be on DVD recently. Here are my picks...let me know what you love that I missed.

1. Space: Above and Beyond - Dudes, I loved this show. I watched a few episodes on tape a month or so ago. It seems a little cheesy now, but man...great production value. And I wanted to be Shane then, much like I want to be Starbuck now. Chigs and Wild Cards, IVs and Patsy Kline. Another sci-fi show totally mishandled by Fox. And another show with funky playing cards.

2. The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles - Do I even need to explain? How great was that show?

3. The State - Oh how I love you, The State, with your several hundred dollars worth of pudding and your really bad freak shows. Identical twins, joined at the hands...Freaks! FREAKS!!!

4. The Homefront - The angsty post-WWII goodness. It made me want to curl my hair and wear dresses and draw silk stocking seams on my calves.

5. Drawn Together - I came late to this party, but I'm glad I found this animated spoof of reality tv. I didn't see all the episodes, so I'd love to get my hands on them. Strong Xander, strong Xander.

And I'd really like BSG S1 in my DVD player now, but I guess I can wait until September.



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