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First of all, was that John Conner ass-kicking and name-taking? I think it was! Nice to see him take charge!

Secondly, Anakin Skywalker! Now there's the childish, arrogant, immature a-hole we all know and love. Glad to see you back in character!

Third, I love Zak Adama more than cake and television.

Finally, I have to be up in 3 hours...this is bad.

Icon love!

Nov. 3rd, 2008 05:02 pm
Reply to this post and I will pick six of your icons.
Make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
This will create a never ending cycle of icon glee.

Two sets )

Also, maple turkey? Thanks for the shout out T:TSCC!
Upon further review... )
*twirls T:TSCC*

Oh, show. You are EXCELLENT. I have few comments, as I need to rewatch. But there is one thing I want to say... )
...but it's really just a place for me to put all the fic that gave me a squeezure this week. And there was...quite a bit.

[ profile] lyssie started things off with Snow Angels. Sam. Kara. Snow. Yes.

[ profile] wisteria_ posted the final chapter of "Icarus". The small part of me that is still a K/L shipper glees.

[ profile] wisteria_ recced [ profile] boom_queen's When white-cheeked Aurora (the Dawn) climbs the heavens. It is Lee/Kara/Sam. An amazing mindfrak and perhaps one of the most awesome pieces of work I've ever read ever. Yeah, I said it.

[ profile] indiefic posted Gnothi Seauton John is very grown up and not whiny at all. I like this John. Very much.

[ profile] sabaceanbabe asked for SCC prompts, and the Derek fangirls (myself included) came through. All six drabbles are here. (Mine is "Derek and candy.")

Okay, okay, this wasn't from this week, and I've already recced it, but HEROES/SCC APOCA!FIC...IT'S WORTH RECCING TWICE. And, there's follow-up. From this week. [ profile] kalesbohan and [ profile] hariboo_smirks teamed up to give me us Comfort Is The Night Gone Black.

Then, the dynamic duo put John into the Heroes-verse in Like Spinning Plates. Did you know that John and Zach are both very emo? Here, let me show you them.

[ profile] kalesbohan continued killing me with squee and wrote a SCC/BSG crossover in which Starbuck is a crazy-bitch-badass. What happens when the place you're escaping to is exactly the same as the place you're escaping from? To Hell And Back (For This)

And I'll end where I started, with a little BSG fluff, courtesy of [ profile] kalesbohan (again with the killing me), As Well I'm Leaving.

So, what awesome did I miss?


And...and...people are people and I don't want to spoil it but YOU GUYS, OMG. It's maybe the best thing ever.

Also, I watched T3 the other night. It was quite glum and lacked hope. Not cool. But it was okay. I choose to think of it as one possible future, especially since Sarah's still alive in 1999 (on TV).
Want proof? I went to three different stores yesterday to get the 3 Terminator movies. Why? Because I hadn't seen all past canon. Yes. I know.

Here, have some thinky things about T1 and the first half of T2. )
Things I may or may not have learned about Thomas Dekker in the last 30 minutes:

1. He falls within my 14-year rule.
2. His myspace page background is so embarrassing I had to navigate away before I read (or heard) any actual content.
3. He played Henry Burleigh in 2 episodes of ST: Voyager.

I find only number 3 awesome.
I just spent $1600 at Ikea. They had all the pieces I wanted. I'm trying hard not to hyperventilate. That is all. Except, I love Uncle BAG.
New arm porn! I got my new Sidekick LX this week! (It was sad, I had phone envy...but it was time.) So, I had to find something worthy of my keyguard screen...and found it I did.

Believe me when I tell you, it looks a thousand times better in person.


Also, YAY Weekend!!! Boo, just one day weekend. But still, I get to sleep in tomorrow.
Okay, so most of it.

I'm sitting outside, watching the lunar eclipse. I just finished having half a day off (YES program this morning...really early!). Needless to say, after my program, I came home and slept like a rock. I went to get the mail this afternoon and fell hard on the sidewalk. Yay, Tylenol. We went out to eat tonight because it's Ed's last day on shore. Mmm...Japanese.

So, yesterday, work...then, got home to a nice meal prepared by Ed (oh, I wish we could convince him to be our house boy). FL Matt and I decided that we didn't want to stay at home, so we went to JoAnn's, the bar (FL Jen was nasty to some guests, but very busy), and then to pick up Matt's friend at the airport. I should have stayed home since I had a program at 645A, was fun.

Monday, work...bleh. Although, I did get my second monitor for my desk. YAY! So I spent the bulk of the day rearranging my desk area. Came home to another fabulous meal by Ed. Turkey dinner...seriously, he's my new best friend. Then he talked through T:TSCC. Mostly about how hot all the guys were. I had it DVRed, so I wasn't too worried. But I did miss a lot in the first viewing. Speaking of which, UNCLE BAG... ) Ahem.

Sunday, because of Saturday, I was on Double Time all day. Nice for my paycheck, but I was tired. Watched/slept through Daytona 500. Then went to Jen and Keith's for movie night. We had a tribute to Roy Schider and watched JAWS. I'm not sure I want to do movie night again with a movie I haven't seen before. There's a lot of peanut gallery commentary.

Saturday. Yes. Had a call in at work that no one wanted to cover, so I ended up being there from 6A-1130P. TIRED. But, like I said, easy money. Tomorrow will be my biggest paycheck with the company and I only worked 60.5 hours. Nice.

Friday. Day after Valentine's Day. Frankly, I don't remember it, so, moving on...

Thursday! Thursday morning I got to attend the Princess Tea at The Grand Floridian (as a team building activity!) We went to see the entertainment, since our area recently took over all resort entertainment. Wow. Rich people will spend money on anything. I have to say, for what it is, it's a pretty good show. And we got tea and food, so, awesome. I was bouncy from all the caffeine and sugar, so not much work got done after that. After work, I went to the Pirate and Princess Party at Magic Kingdom. I have to say, Jack Sparrow is a little handy. And not big on personal space issues. Here, let me show you:

It was fun, and the parade and fireworks were awesome. Totally dead in the park, which is always nice, no wait on Peter Pan! But, it just didn't feel as special as the halloween or christmas parties.

So, yes, awesome week. And I have tomorrow off so laundry, sleep and I'm going to try to make a dent in my room. Yay? Kisses for everyone!



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