Press event's over but my work life still sucks. So hard I want to quit. I don't even want to type why, I just want to forget some of this crap (and these crappy people). FOREVEROMG! *eyerolls*

Whatever, it's all okay because [ profile] lyssie WROTE ME PORN! Okay, fine, it's not technically porn. But it might as well be. Because it made me do a happy dance! It's Kara/Anders...go read it! Don't lie, you know you want to...even if you don't watch really, go! I'll wait.



You back? Wasn't that awesome!?! It had indirect Zak. How fucking cool is that??? It's like she wrote it just for me. Oh, wait... I feel like I should reciprocate with a icon-ficlet-meme-thing of my own, but I just don't feel like it right now. I'll store it away for later.
And so, this is how my "weekend" went. Thank God for Tuesday and Wednesday is all I can say. I worked 48 of the last 72 hours. Am ded. This press event cannot be over soon enough. I will glee. From what I can assume, when we were loading in on Sunday night, my phone fell off my belt while I was getting into my truck and I ran over it. The guys in the park found it, the case, not a scratch on it, the phone, kinda smushed. Luckily I have insurance on the stupid thing, because this is the second time in a year I've had to replace it. But the sim card is in tact so, yay!

I haven't posted in a while...but I've been lurking. Am not ded (contrary to a few sentences ago). Not much going on in RL besides me getting my ass handed to me at work. I have BSG glee. My 2 day spring break was awesome. We spent it lazily at AK Lodge and had giraffes staring at us. Yay giraffes! Umm...last ASL class is tomorrow night, SILENT DINNER! I think I'm gonna try for my sign language pin in the next few weeks. That's all I can think of for now. I want to go back to bed, but I think I'll go buy Narnia and the opening day pin at MGM.

I'd say IM me...but no phone!
Sunday (last)/Monday: Called-in sick to go to Naples. :) Saw NY Matt and Jen and met some of Jen's family. We had a blast. Her family is a hoot. I can't wait for the wedding to meet the rest of the family. It was super-cold last weekend, so we stayed in most of the time. But I insisted that if we were that close to the ocean, we needed to go to the beach, so we did Monday before we had to come home. OMGSOCOLD. But it was low tide an I found some fantastic shells (and a sand dollar!).

They showed me a new dice game called Left-Right-Center. How come no one told me this game was so fun? It may be due to the fact that I TOOK EVERYONE'S MONEY, but it would have been fun even if I'd lost.

Tuesday: Worked at Studios. I don't recall anything bad happening. I was kind of cranky when I got home, but Matt worked some Valentine's Day magic and left some flowers and chocolates in my room. Felt loved.

Wednesday: Had to get up early for a YES program. Suck. It was fine, except the other facilitators forgot to tell me they made a change in the schedule. Left me looking foolish, but whatever. I got an email to call Animal Kingdom after my program, and since I was heading that way, I just stopped by. Got confirmation that I would be filling a position for 6 months that gets me 8am-4:30pm Monday-Friday. AWESOME. Went to ASL and watched Illuminations with Jen. :D Even though "we don't celebrate Valentine's Day," Jen got me some chocolate and magnets for my wall. Felt loved, but also like an ass.

Thursday: Was expecting a long day, but this was ridiculous. I went into AK at 10:30 to do some refresh on the position I'll be taking over and a team building exercise. Got to Studios and Uncle Fester asked if I was ready for a 12-hour shift. not. good. No one bothered to call me and mention that we would be staying until 3:30AM. so. not. good. So my original 10:30-10:30 shift turned into an 18-hour laugh-a-thon. Fine. Whatever. I'll take the money and run.

The only comfort was the fact that, the teambuilding? Was a backstage lion experience at AK. SUPERSWEET!!! We got to tour the cages and get up close (well, as close as two fences can get you) to the set of lions that weren't on stage. So beautiful. The male looked like Aslan and I wanted to give him a hug, but also wanted to keep my hands, so...yay!

Friday: Was exhausted from 18-hour Thursday. And some days, I just hate being crew chief. Friday was one such 10-hour day. Everybody needed everything RFNOMG. We had about 4 events and whiny event managers. I wasn't happy. Also, found out that the regular schedule I was so excited about won't be my schedule because of labor cutbacks. NOT HAPPY. But, SciFi Friday sort of made up for it...but that's a post for later.

Saturday: Nice, mellow day. Eight hours felt like a vacation. We were busy, but not bad. Got to see Bode Miller not only choke, but decimate that gate. Wow.

Sunday (today): Lazy day at AK. Ahhhh.... Jimmie Johnson just won the Daytona 500. Whatever. Going to meet Matt and his visiting family for dinner. YAY!
I needed it yesterday. I was scheduled to go into work from 2pm to 1230am last night. I got to work at 2 and found out my schedule had been changed to 6pm to 630am. It was changed on Monday (my Saturday) and I never got a phone call (although, I did get a really helpful email in my work email box). So instead of working 10 hours yesterday, I ended up doing a 16 hour overnight. My scheduler's excuse for not calling me? I fell through the cracks because they're moving offices this week. YOU HAD MY FUCKING SCHEDULE IN FRONT OF YOU...YOU KNEW I WAS OFF, IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN 20 SECONDS TO LOOK UP MY NUMBER AND LEAVE ME A MESSAGE YOU SON OF A MOTHERLESS GOAT. /rage That's as much as I can work up. It's like a Christmas bonus if you look at it right. 2 hours at time and a half and 2 hours of double time. And we weren't that busy. But still, incinerate. Gotta run to work (at the right time today). If anyone has insomnia, I'll be attached to my phone as usual, so feel free to AIM or Y!M.
Oh, David Eick, the hilarity! Paul, you need to come stay at my house for a few weeks (especially since you seem to love watching BSG so'd fit right in here).

Okay, so tonight is technically my last overnight...I go in at 6 PM and get off at 6:30 AM on Sunday. BUT, I have to go back in on Sunday from 3 PM to 11:30PM. Can I just say that 11:30 PM on Sunday cannot come fast enough. Two glorious days off, and then a "regular" schedule. 40HOURSOMGYAY! Almost seems like a vacation. I have to work PM shifts Wed-Sat...but I don't even mind. Thanksgiving, meh. It's never been my holiday. But I do love green bean casserole. I might have to make some.

I think I'll go back and see GOF again on Monday or Tuesday...just so there's a little less squeeing and a little more watching.

Am tired...but not ded yet.

ETA: I love "lethargic" because...belly button.


Sep. 5th, 2005 07:00 pm
When they say Labor Day Weekend...they mean it. I just worked 37 of the last 60 hours. The bank will be great, but I am crapped out. Four days 'til vacation (at least I'll have spending money)!


Jun. 23rd, 2005 11:52 am
centerspire: ([asl] Kelly)
I'm off to Silent Weekend in Tampa! I'm so excited (even though I haven't been practicing). This will be one of those wake-up calls I need that says "hey, stupid, you need to practice more!" I'll have the Sidekick with me, but probably won't be making posts/comments. I'm sure no one will miss me, seeing as this is my first post in almost a week.

And now, I offer, a condensed rant. In which I gripe about everything that's bugging me right now in as few words as possible:

I hate my job (who the fuck schedules someone in at 3 am after a vacation day?). I hate working in general. My grandfather's back in the hospital. My dad has the emotional capacity of a teaspoon (and is also being a dick). My mom is crazy. Andre won't shut the fuck up. I have to pack and be ready in less than 2 hours. Both my shoulders hurt like mad.

Wow. I thought I had more. Hmm.

Kisses all around.
But...HEE! Just got my BSG CDs (mini&s1) yea! Now all the other CDs I've bought but haven't listened to can go further down the pile. I might actually wear these two out. And ebay...let's not talk about ebay.

Today was my last 6am day in the near future, and for that, I say thank the gods. As far as I'm concerned, there's only one 5 o'clock per day, and it's in the pm.

I think I'll go see Batman Begins tonight.

BSG. Yay!
Apollo's Prayer )

As for RL, I'm in full on bite me mode. I'm okay, but work is getting on my last nerve. I'm getting trained in a new position because TPTB won't hire more people, and am getting screwed out of time off while my mom is here because of it. Sometimes I just want to say fuck off and go live on the beach selling flip-flops and coconuts. I just need some sleep.

ETA: I forgot to SQUEE!! I was just running through Once Upon A Toy the other day (because searching out Star Wars toys has become habit now) and they had a new set of Galactic Heroes out! Squee!!!! And, there's a Kit Fisto!! I's the little things.
When I got home tonight, I found a live beetle in my hair.

My Dearest Tech Scheduler,

bite me.

And I mean that, of course, in the nicest way possible.  I haven't had 24 hours off since March 27th, nor will I until May 18th (only, I'm sure, because I requested it off).  I'm going to go try and sleep now, seeing as I got off work yesterday at 6:30 AM (my day "off", thanks), only to have to return to work this morning at 5 AM.  I would elaborate more...but I don't have the energy.

Yours very sincerely,


Happy 05/05/05 everyone!!! I hope everyone enjoys the day. I will be stuck at work from 10pm-6am. And after last night's suckfest...I'm not really looking forward to tonight.

Is anyone besides me having trouble with photobucket? I was going to show y'all my new ride...
I was done with April on April 1st...and the other 29 days were just as bad. (Okay, that's not entirely true...there were a few good days in there. But not many). May will most definitely be better.

I'm ready for the "Happiest Celebration on Earth" festivities to come and go...I'm on overnights right now (which haven't been as bad as the previous ones...but still suck pretty hard).
...but I've decided to pretend that the first half of yesterday did not happen.

So, instead, I'll talk about the second half of yesterday! Matt and I went to see Arcadia at Mad Cow Theater.

It was pretty good. I haven't seen a play in a good long while. It was like being in college again. I forgot how much I love Stoppard. They have a cute, small space. There were a couple of things that distracted, but it was nice. It was good to feel like the old Kelly again.
Not much to say. Overnights at work are kicking my ass. But...whatever.

I finished reading Yoda: Dark Rendezvous, but I'll spare Niki. Let me just say, not the best SW novel ever.

Just wanted to wish my flist a good day!
but... )

I had a really tough week. I trained for a new educational program. Doesn't sound hard, but lemme tell you...6 straight days of the same thing is brain melting.

Oh, and they took one of my days off this week so I can drive a truck for 4 hours. yippee.

And last week I went a little crazy. Pictures to follow. Let's just say ebay was involved.


Jan. 12th, 2005 12:11 pm
I got called into work yesterday, and the first news I got was that one of our shop guys died in a plane crash. John wasn't a good friend or anything, but he was a great guy and he knew my name. Then I get an email from another friend from work that her ulcerative colitis has gotten so bad that she's going to be in the hospital for the next month or so getting two or more surgeries to remove her colon.

So today, only happy news, please. And good episodes of Lost and Alias.
Dear Tech Schedulers,

While I understand that you have to fill open shifts, and I also understand that there is a special event on Thanksgiving, is it necessary to use me for both...on the same day? Do you really think the thought of working from 6AM-1AM on a holiday thrills me? (Just as a side note, working 17 hours on any day is never going to make me happy.)



PS. Don't ever schedule me for a double ever again. Ever.

So, I've decided that Thanksgiving day will still be filled with the things I would do at home...just at work. Eating too much? Check. Midday nap? Check. Football. Check. Christmas Cards. Check, check.

I figured while I'm getting screwed, I might as well get some cards written out as well. So, if you want some mail, comment and I'll send you some. (I'm screening the comments).

In other news, I'm finally off of overnights, cold comfort, really. Still working too much on too little. I'm considering trying to get more time off in December.

And I bought America (The Book) finally. It's amazing that even a fake text book has the same effect on me that it did back in high school. Two paragraphs into the text I had to start flipping through the pages. Rebellion, I suppose. It is a great book, but I'm going to have to force myself to read (just like HS).
So, apparently, the job is not mine...I have to go on ANOTHER interview. I asked the girl that called what kind of interview it was, and why I had to go through another interview, when I'd already been through one and one over the phone, but she wouldn't spill. I guess I did the happy dance too early. Now, I have to anguish until Friday...then do well at the interview...then wait for word...


Of course, none of this helped my heinous day at work.
I needed them. Juan is being released from the hospital today. He's MUCH better. Matt says he hasn't seen Juan like this (in a good way) for about 3 months. We do realize that he's on some drugs, but sometimes that's what it takes, right?

In other news, yesterday was good. I was getting trained for a new position at work. And yesterday was bad. Next week I am being trained for a different job opportunity. But my scheduler didn't bother to schedule me for it. When I emailed him, he blamed it on me, saying that if he doesn't know what the email is about, he just deletes it. HELLO!!! Whatever. Also, I went to sign up for my Sign Language class and was told it was full. Great. Hopefully, the instructor will let me in. (Hey, it's another $92 for her).

Anyway, more later.

Kisses, kel



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