There have been many ups and downs...and it's only Wednesday. If the trend continues, tomorrow should be a good day.

So Monday morning, I parked my truck at work and waited for Mike to finish parking. I thought Ernie sounded a little loud, so I put my ear close to the hood. At about that time, Mike said I was overheating and we took a look. There was a big leak (I'm told at the head gasket) so we let it cool down and filled the radiator up and took it to my shop, hoping for the best. (But preparing for the worst...)

Tuesday morning I got the news that it would be $1800 to fix my Ernie. Since we've been together for almost 13 years, I was pretty sad. But, I had been planning to buy an new truck in December anyway, so this just accelerated plans a bit. I spazzed for a few minutes, then got pre-approved for a new truck. Went to and searched the F150s. Found a 2006 with 7100 miles. So after work Matt and I drove to Sanford to check it out. Upon seeing it, I knew it was for me, and the test drive was just a formality. I went ahead and bought it [I cannot recommend Carmax highly enough, btw] last night, knowing I could get a better rate at my credit union. (Carmax has a three day buyout program where you can come back with payment no questions.) I AM ON A HIGH BECAUSE I JUST BOUGHT A TRUCK, YO. I'm trying to figure out how to get Ernie sold, etc.

So, today, I went to get my taxes done at H&R Block. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE LOTS OF DEDUCTIONS OR PROBLEMATIC THINGS, DO NOT DO THIS. I could have done my taxes and saved $119, but I had questions that I didn't know how to answer, so...nevertheless, $119 was a shock. Also, most unhelpful preparer. She asked me a question. Like, "is this an inheritance or a gift?" I WAS HOPING YOU COULD TELL ME, TAX PROFESSIONAL.

Anyway, after taxes, then the fun began. I went to the CU to finish my loan paperwork. Another really unhelpful and unfriendly person lets me know that they can't offer me the full amount for the loan I need because "I paid too much for the truck." Apparently, what Kelley Blue Book says and what I paid are two different amounts. Whatever. I fumed for quite a while. They finally figured out what I could get and it ends up that I need to come up with $1900 by tomorrow. Thank goodness tomorrow is payday. I think I may be able to swing it. As long as I don't eat or buy gas this week. (Thanks for the full tank, Carmax!)

After this, I went to the shop to see if they had found a buyer (I talked to the owner this morning and he said someone was interested). Awesome. He said the highest offer was $750. While I wanted $1000, I knew I wouldn't get that at carmax, and I really needed the money, so I took it. I cleaned out Ernie, cried big elephant tears for my friend, and drove off.

So! New truck! Emmett! He's basically the same as Ernie, but 10 years younger. And he's maroon!

Tomorrow, I have much to do. I have to get the check from my bank, go to Orlando Carmax to pay them off and have the tag transferred, get my insurance adjusted, go to Camping World to get Matt's birthday present, go to Wal-Mart for a few things, and try not to miss Ernie! Emmett has big shoes to fill! Pictures later.

Friday, I'm having dinner with my cousin (I haven't seen him in 13 years), his wife and 3 kids (never met). Interesting! Also, Matt's birthday.

I'm ready for this week to be over. February has been WEIRD.
Niki expects me to be happy for eight days, and who am i not to oblige? I will, however, be cheating and doing two days in this post because I guarantee I will forget by the end of the week.

Yesterday, aka Day 1:

-Last day of work for over a week, FTW!
-Matt, Miss Kathy and I exchanged gifts last night, because they left this morning. Matt and FL Jenn went in together and bought me the special edition Ice Blue Nintendo DS Lite. Hooray! Of course, I already knew this because my mom has a big mouth. So, when I was buying Jenn's gift at Toys R Us I bought two games! And Miss Kathy gave me a $50 Wal-Mart card, so I went out and got a third.
-We went to see Abigail Breslin at Candlelight Processional. She was adorable!
-Mike fixed my passenger door lock! (Niki, I used one of your Magic Cookie Bars as payment, also a low cut shirt.)
-But the best part of the day was Matt and Miss Kathy opening their presents from me! I made Miss Kathy some earrings that she adored! And I made Matt a gold-filled box chain bracelet. And I found a cookbook at Half Price Books while I was in Texas that he lost several years back! I think it truly is better to give.

Today, aka The Deuce:

-I've had the house to myself since Matt and Miss Kathy left.
-I'll be making Date Roll as soon as I'm done with this post....mmmmm...Date Roll...
-Today has been pretty uneventful. But I'm happy to be alive!
-Also, I'm having Niki's chocolate chip cookies for dinner...I guess I should see if I have any milk, or I'll have to run to Publix. SPEAKING OF PUBLIX...NEW CHRISTMAS COMMERCIAL! (Stupid YouTube doesn't have a good link yet...) It takes second place behind the Valentine's Day cake!
Back up to Rochester for goddaughter's baptism.

Wednesday, I had to take my truck in for some work. $750. Plus another $150 on the camero. Hijinks ensued. Basically, FL Matt is awesome.

Gotta run.
In the past week I:

-had food poisoning.
-sent all my Christmas packages.
-picked my mother up from the airport.
-finally got to eat a full meal (Tuesday night, Mitsakoshi Teppanyaki).
-saw Marlee Matlin narrate Candlelight Processional.
-bought $100 in beads (or, more correctly, had $100 beads bought for me).
-bought Serenity, BSG 2.0, and the Peanuts Holiday Trilogy at Best Buy.
-had my car break down.
-saw Hoop-Dee-Doo.
-took my car in for repair (with the help of my lovely friend Jen).
-was told I probably won't get my car back until at least Monday.
-rented a car (a Chevy Monte Carlo, not my favorite).
-was on time to work today despite the whole car thing.

I want to curl up in a ball and cry for an hour. I need some catharsis. And a movie. And some presents. And my mom (oh, wait...)
Well, all things did not go according to plan yesterday. Our house guests left, in the rain, at about 11AM. After which Matt and I conked out in my room. But lo, at about 12:15 our power went out. No rain...some wind...but the power was gone. And so, we got our jeans and sneakers on and removed the plywood from the windows. We got a wee bit wet, but nothing major. It took us about 30 minutes, and when I started to clean out my truck (OMG YAY! I'm having my windshield replaced today), I heard the fridge in the garage kick on. An hour without power on a cool day is something I can totally live with.

Since it was a gorgeous day (you know, AFTER the HURRICANE), we decided to go goof off. I was still worried about my work shift, only to find out later that the call at 11PM the night before was for me, telling me my shift was canceled, but Matt didn't quite relay that in a Kelly-friendly format. Oh well. Went to Michael's to go see Lisa who works in the frame department. Walked around the new (and still unfinished) LOOP to see what we could buy (turns out, nothing). I was a little concerned about going to Wal-Mart, especially after a weather event, but it wasn't as crazy as I thought.

We were about to go home, thus making us the two lamest people in all of Lameonia, but then inspiration hit and Matt decided we couldn't waste the beautiful weather, so we went to Epcot and roamed around for a few hours. It was great...not Food & Wine Fest (Wah! but understandable)...just a nice little walk around the park. We came home to watch Big Fish, but I could not keep the eyes open and went to bed before 10 PM. If you ever have to sit through a hurricane, I definitely recommend one like Wilma.

Bring on the cold weather!
I fixed a leak in my truck's radiator BY MYSELF! Okay, I was coached on how to do it...but I did it. And it didn't involve a piece of chewing gum like I originally suggested.

Got the truck towed last night (thanks to my roommate, without whom I would still be crying in a corner somewhere).

Fixed this morning...just a bad cell in the battery. It was going on 3 years old anyway. And not too expensive.

But, alas, I'll have to wait until Thursday to reorder Buffy and Signifcant Others. Wah! But the birthday is I'll have birthday money! (The best get to spend it without regret...too bad so many good DVD sets come out in September--Alias 3 and Star Wars, I'm looking your way).

Should be VERY BORING at work tonight.
my day started out with a bang. forgot wallet...had to return home for said back into car after retrieving wallet and car wouldn't start. so...2 hours late to work. luckily, work hasn't been too busy.

got bored with the all black phase...had to brighten it up for shiny "Serenity" theme.

cancelled order for seasons 1-4 of Buffy and Significant Others because I was afraid of pending car repairs...but i don't think it will cost too i want to reorder...guess i should wait and see...wah. WAH!!!

me want with the shiny day!



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