5 hours and 24 minutes until 18 DAYS OF VACATION, Y'ALL. Like woah! I'm so excited. And Star Wars Weekends starts tomorrow! Any merch requests? Speak now or forever...


That is all.
Taxes are done and e-filed. Yay! My new laptop is almost within reach!!!!!

Now, I'm getting ready to go to the dentist. Not yay!
Does anyone have a copy of "Stacy's Mom," by Fountains of Wayne and/or "Can't Get You Out of My Head," by Kylie Menogue (sp?) that you could bestow on me?

ETA: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lyssie and my houseguest Keyon, I happily have my mits on both! Kisses!
...is that we have to deal with that ass clown for four more years.

But no. I get the mail today and my roommate's US Weekly has Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner on the cover with the words "Are they engaged?" on the cover.


I don't even know where to go with the rant...
For some strange reason, my computer is connecting to the internet today...hmm.
Hello to anyone who might have thought I fell off the planet! I'm still here. Don't know if I'm better or worse. RL has definitely gotten the better of me lately. So much has happened. We got rid of two roommates, a new job (yea!), a breakup/makeup, and so many emotions...I don't know where to begin.

I think I got too into fandom and had to take a break. Happens a lot from what I hear. When RL starts to mimic fandom...it's time to take a step back. Don't know if I'll dive in just yet...but I'll be back.

Quick entertainment rundown:

Alias: meh. Fuck ABC for making us wait...it better be worth it. (I can say that, I work for the parent company.)

Queer as Folk: AAAHHHH!! Brian has cancer!!! Alright, I'm done, nothing else is that exciting (except for Vic dying...weep).

American Idol: whatever. I stopped really caring after they voted off my girl Hudson (she worked for the parent company too, my roommate actually costumed her)

West Wing: yeah, I stopped watching about mid-season. I hear they got their act together, but it was just a little too late for me.

Shrek 2: Just as funny as the orginal...but not as classic. I need a second viewing.

Troy: Three thumbs up. And those would be for: Orlando for being a pretty convincing wussy, Eric Bana for kicking ass and dying a amazing death, and last but not least Sean Bean as Odysseus. Holy shit, dudes, I've never wanted to be Greek more than when he came on screen. (You though I was going to say Brad Pitt, didn't you?)

Mean Girls: Two thumbs up!! "Almost too gay to function." Hee. That describes so many of my friends. I didn't really want to see this one, but I'm glad I did.

Ella Enchanted: We theater hopped into this one after Mean Girls, glad I didn't pay for it, but it was cute.

13 Going on 30: Dear Jennifer Garner, if it was possible for me to have your children, I would. I love you very much.

As for RL, I would write it down here, but it's too fresh. The emotions are just simmering under the surface, and I'm very happy to live in denial right now. Maybe later.

Much love to my buds, soon, kel


Jan. 23rd, 2004 02:45 pm
Okay, so the weather channel just said it was going to snow on Monday and Tuesday....


....now, if I lived in, say, Boise or Chicago or even Charlotte, I might be inclined to belive that that was a possibility. However, since I live in CENTRAL FLORIDA, I find it difficult to comprehend.

That is all. Except to say I have about 6 fics rolling around in my head right now, which would be fine if once I started writing them, they sounded as good on the page as they do in my head. (That and I just started a new book that I can barely put down)
...you were very good to me. Even though I had to sit in a courtroom with a nervous wreck for four hours. Even though I really didn't get anything done (besides kicking England's ass in QWC and reading LOTS of 100 word fics). You were good, and I feel like I might actually be able to go to work and not hate my job. Oh, if only you would come around more often.

I just started alphabetizing my magnetic poetry. Apparently, I don't have enough to do (yeah, right).

I have 3 days this weekend. W00H00!!! And I still get paid because it's a holiday!
So, I'm watching a Bravo Profile about Nathan Lane, and Victor Garber comes on to talk about Nathan and Terrance McNalley and I squeed like a little girl. Well, I don't know what I expect.

ETA: I finally figured out that my last post is dated Dec. 2 because my roommate is retarded.


Oct. 7th, 2003 11:50 pm
Why, oh why, Bravo, must you fuck with me and put The West Wing on at the wrong time. We know, we know, you're NBC's "second chance to see it" network, but couldn't you have put Coupling on AFTER WW. That's all I'm asking.

No shopping spree today (and hopefully not tomorrow). Only picked up The Lion King that I pre-ordered (yes, Niki, I'm a Disney geek).
Watched The Dawson's Creek Series Finale on DVD just now. Bawled the entire way through. It was good...yummy deleted scenes added back in...mmmm....Dawson's Creek.

Must go watch Bend it Like Beckham (after new West Wing, of course).

Oh, yeah, wanted to mention [livejournal.com profile] toastandtea makes me giggle.

Now I'm ticked off because I realized it's NOT Wednesday, it's Tuesday and the West Wing is not tonight, but tommorow night, even though there was a cruel ad on bravo during season 2 WW.

I just watched Vanilla Sky. Holy smacks, that was weird. But I hate how it totally screwed with you the whole movie, then tied itself into a tidy bow at the end.

Off to work on some fan fiction...



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