So, I made some goals for the year, chief among them to read 50 books this year. For some reason, it's the one I want to keep the most. I guess to prove to myself that I can do it. In what I find to be an utterly embarrassing admission, I have just finished book one. An epic, 137-page, YA tome called Star Wars: The Last of the Jedi #3, Underworld.

He'd take stormtroopers over memories any day. )

So, I'll be moving on to the next book in the series, then The Chronicles of Narnia (That's seven books, right?) Maybe I can get back on track...
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I finally finished Half-Blood Prince...thanks to everyone who kept spoilers behind the cut. )

As for ships, none of mine sank, but then again, I keep canon and fanon very far apart. The canon ships are not the ones I like in fanon. So, to all shippers, I say, "sail on!" Ignore those gloaters, they just have to stir up trouble. If Ron/Lavender/Giant Squid is you're OT3...hold your head high and love what you love!
So much is going on this week that I might explode (with glee and, maybe, the other thing).

Monday/Tuesday: Clean the hell. For real. See Wednesday.

Wednesday: Mom arrives.

Thursday: Hoop-dee-do. Despite the inherent cheesiness, I'm still looking forward to it. 50% Cast discount!

Friday: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Battlestar Galactica! EEK!

Saturday: Seeing Our Town downtown. Mom's favorite play.Ever. Also, Half-Blood Prince!

Now that I've typed it doesn't seem like that much. Especially since I only work Monday and Tuesday (well, and today, but that's over with).

I finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this morning. It was my first time to read it (even though I love Dahl-The BFG-sweetness), and I must say, it made me not like the movie (Gene Wilder version) as much as I had before. Willy Wonka isn't half as crazy (and mean) as Gene Wilder made him out to be. Not that I hate the old version. It's one of those campy 70's movies that make me look back on childhood fondly (for a change). I'm really hoping Johnny Depp's version is good.
Yesterday, I was at Barnes & Noble not looking for anything Star Wars related (I swear). I found the book I was looking for and then took a turn around the kids' section, as I am an avid reader of novels for young readers (my maturity level, I'm sure). New Artemis Fowl, not out Inheritance, not out yet, new Star Wars post-EpIII series not out ye...wha? There it sat, on the shelf, more than a full month early, the first book of "The Last of the Jedi" series. It wasn't a choice, I had to get it. All about Obi-Wan in his post-Anakin angsty goodness. I was a little concerned...would there be potentially massive EpIII spoilers? But, I had to read it, and of course, read it in one sitting this morning. Only two spoilery items, but nothing that comes close to the spoilers I tripped over for EpII, leading to my unfortunate downfall. So sad, so angsty (in the beginning), SO full of memories of Qui-Gon and Siri. But also, an interesting tidbit that could (or not, you know how EU is) reveal something interesting about the end of the film...cut for delicate eyes, even though I don't really think it's that spoilery. )

On a different front, I have presentation for class tonight, so I should probably go practice.

Dear Tech Schedulers,

While I understand that you have to fill open shifts, and I also understand that there is a special event on Thanksgiving, is it necessary to use me for both...on the same day? Do you really think the thought of working from 6AM-1AM on a holiday thrills me? (Just as a side note, working 17 hours on any day is never going to make me happy.)



PS. Don't ever schedule me for a double ever again. Ever.

So, I've decided that Thanksgiving day will still be filled with the things I would do at home...just at work. Eating too much? Check. Midday nap? Check. Football. Check. Christmas Cards. Check, check.

I figured while I'm getting screwed, I might as well get some cards written out as well. So, if you want some mail, comment and I'll send you some. (I'm screening the comments).

In other news, I'm finally off of overnights, cold comfort, really. Still working too much on too little. I'm considering trying to get more time off in December.

And I bought America (The Book) finally. It's amazing that even a fake text book has the same effect on me that it did back in high school. Two paragraphs into the text I had to start flipping through the pages. Rebellion, I suppose. It is a great book, but I'm going to have to force myself to read (just like HS).
Thursday, we had a power outage in our neighborhood, so I stared a book I bought myself for Christmas Eragon by Christopher Paolini. I read for hours, even after the power was back. Now, I'm not a super-fast reader, but I've managed to plow through 438 of the 497 pages since Thursday, all while being on multiple pain killers (perscribed and non-perscribed, I pulled a muscle in my neck), having to work, editing 5 100 word fics and watching the Golden Globes (Jen, you were robbed, my love). READ THIS BOOK. IT IS FANTASTIC. I may have to read it again next week.



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