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Feb. 20th, 2006 10:59 pm
I went to the dentist. For a cleaning and an exam with x-rays. Fine except for one minute detail. THE DENTIST WASN'T THERE. I know. So now I have to go back next Thursday (on a lunch break) because when the appointment was scheduled, no one bothered to check that the dentist would be there. Done. And the last straw, the hygenist instucted me on the proper flossing technique. Look, just because I don't floss doesn't mean I don't know how. Couldn't we just have a party because I made the effort to floss, even if I didn't use the proper technique? Not yay at all.
I needed it yesterday. I was scheduled to go into work from 2pm to 1230am last night. I got to work at 2 and found out my schedule had been changed to 6pm to 630am. It was changed on Monday (my Saturday) and I never got a phone call (although, I did get a really helpful email in my work email box). So instead of working 10 hours yesterday, I ended up doing a 16 hour overnight. My scheduler's excuse for not calling me? I fell through the cracks because they're moving offices this week. YOU HAD MY FUCKING SCHEDULE IN FRONT OF YOU...YOU KNEW I WAS OFF, IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN 20 SECONDS TO LOOK UP MY NUMBER AND LEAVE ME A MESSAGE YOU SON OF A MOTHERLESS GOAT. /rage That's as much as I can work up. It's like a Christmas bonus if you look at it right. 2 hours at time and a half and 2 hours of double time. And we weren't that busy. But still, incinerate. Gotta run to work (at the right time today). If anyone has insomnia, I'll be attached to my phone as usual, so feel free to AIM or Y!M.
Dear tourists,

There's a reason locals hate you. Honking at someone you nearly run into because you're too busy looking at a map to notice the left turn signal that is flashing is one of them. It's not my fault you can't drive...go ahead, run into me...I'm in a company vehicle. Leave your money and go home or be polite. Those are the only two options.

No love,


P. S. Ophelia...shit or get off the pot. I've got a plane to catch on Saturday, and I'll be damned if you're going to screw up my vacation.
Dear Tech Schedulers,

While I understand that you have to fill open shifts, and I also understand that there is a special event on Thanksgiving, is it necessary to use me for both...on the same day? Do you really think the thought of working from 6AM-1AM on a holiday thrills me? (Just as a side note, working 17 hours on any day is never going to make me happy.)



PS. Don't ever schedule me for a double ever again. Ever.

So, I've decided that Thanksgiving day will still be filled with the things I would do at home...just at work. Eating too much? Check. Midday nap? Check. Football. Check. Christmas Cards. Check, check.

I figured while I'm getting screwed, I might as well get some cards written out as well. So, if you want some mail, comment and I'll send you some. (I'm screening the comments).

In other news, I'm finally off of overnights, cold comfort, really. Still working too much on too little. I'm considering trying to get more time off in December.

And I bought America (The Book) finally. It's amazing that even a fake text book has the same effect on me that it did back in high school. Two paragraphs into the text I had to start flipping through the pages. Rebellion, I suppose. It is a great book, but I'm going to have to force myself to read (just like HS).
Well, Thanksgiving gumbo was fine. I felt as bad yesterday as I had the whole week, so I'm actually glad it was a no fuss (for me) dinner. It was really good, too. Sausage & chicken. I think I'm just upset by not being with family. Whatever. I'm going to make green bean casserole tomorrow, so all will be right with the world.
...is gumbo? Only when you live with someone from Louisiana, could gumbo be considered a proper Thanksgiving dinner. It's bad enough that I don't get to be with ANY of my family on Thanksgiving (a holiday I've never particularly cared for anyway), it's bad enough that we both have to work on Thanksgiving day and are having Thanksgiving dinner tonight, it's bad enough that I'm told by Matt that he'll be preparing the meal and I'll have to cook it (for his family members that are visiting), but he calls to check on me last night at work (since I've been sick the past 4 days) and tells me we're having gumbo. It's not even turkey gumbo. I was looking forward to turkey and dressing and pie and green bean casserole and sweet potatoes and (best of all) leftfovers all to myself. But no. We're having gumbo. Gumbo. And the pie. We're not even having pumpkin. Pecan and...wait for it...lemon merangue. Now, I'll admit, in the pie category, pecan is my favorite, but lemon...for Thanksgiving? I want to cry.



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