Someone with more computer smarts than me!!! Please help!!!

My computer has reassigned my external hard drive from (G:) to (H:) and all my itunes info is on that drive. How do I reassign my hd back to G?? I'm on XP if that makes a difference.
...I need more help. So, I'm slowly but surely plodding away at organizing both iTunes and my folders. GRRR. I know once I get it done, I don't ever have to do it again...I just wish I didn't have to do it the first time. On to the question, is there a was to search for and insert the album covers that won't show up in iTunes? Thankies.
Hey, iTunesy people!

So, my folders got all sorts of jacked up when I transferred them into the iTunes music folder. And now, in iTunes, two things. One, all of CDs that have different artists (mainly soundtracks) are broken up by artist (so there's 13 different "albums" with one song each). Two, almost all of my tracks have the little exclamation point in the grey circle that only goes away if I "get info." But I'm not going to do that for all 4000 songs in my library. I'm almost convinced I need to start over from scratch, but I don't want to waste that time if I don't have to. Any quick fixes for me? I know in the iTunes music folder, I'm going to have to go through and organize like I want, but is that what's causing the mess up in iTunes? Any help would be lovely!
...and...I'm back. I've been here, just not really in a posting mood. So here's some stuff that happened in the last month.

-Ed got to go to the emergency room.
-Proving I was the bigger drama queen, I got to go to the emergency room, and got admitted overnight.
-FL Matt had food poisoning.
-FL Jen had vertigo.
-The above all happened within the last week. Yeah, we're awesome.
-I bought $1000 in plane tickets (only two round trip tickets...ouch)
-My little sister came to Florida to work for the mouse for the summer! YAYAYAYAY!
-My mom showed up for summer visit! We've been having fun so far...Hoop-Dee-Doo tonight!
-I did finish my room. It looks great guys.
-But I broke my director's chair. Boo. Guess I have to go to world market and spend another $20.
-I helped my friend set up her wii. Before, I wanted, IWANTONEOMG.
-HIMYM...YAYAY! Oh, Barney, I sympathize with your suit problem, having spent time in the ER.
-You guys...have you seen the commercials for Wipeout? It's like Ninja Warrior's retarded American brother...I can't wait!
-Probably lots of other stuff...but most exciting...I bought a 30G ipod off my friend for $100! Yay! I'm going to need some itunes advice, though, because so far, I'm not a huge fan. I put...heheh about 20G of music on so far, but that's basically all my music, not just the stuff I listen to all the time.

I'll probably add as I think of other things that happened. But, mostly same old, same old...
So, our cable has been wonky for the last two days. Great, I wouldn't want to watch TV or anything on my weekend. Now, most of the picture is back, but I only get about a second of sound, then nothing. Which would be fine if it was just live tv, but it's also recorded shows. THANKS A LOT DVR. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WATCH UNCLE BAG WITH NO SOUND?!? Also, the strike is over and I'm sure there are funnies on Jon and Stephen, but they're neither one funny without sound! *kelly smash*
Okay, this may be the dumbest question ever, but I'm not savvy with the computer and the flist knows quite a bit. Is there a way to turn a .gif into a .jpg?



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