But first, Ten Things I've Done That Maybe You Haven't )

I love Weiss!!! )

Saw Hitch last night, pretty good flick.  Had fun tonight.  Must let roommate go to bed.  Until tomorrow.

but... )

I had a really tough week. I trained for a new educational program. Doesn't sound hard, but lemme tell you...6 straight days of the same thing is brain melting.

Oh, and they took one of my days off this week so I can drive a truck for 4 hours. yippee.

And last week I went a little crazy. Pictures to follow. Let's just say ebay was involved.
Okay, so this week I really had to go back and watch again, and, I'll admit it's kind of a stretch...

This weeks reason Alias longs to be Firefly )
Since reading this weeks Entertainment Weekly, I am now absolutely convinced that S4 is totally the Firefly shout-out season. The newest news? Minor Alias spoiler ) Yes, yes...try and deny it, Alias writing staff. I dare you.
Lost and Alias...I haven't loved Wednesday this much since they canceled Dawson's Creek )

Overall, I'm very happy with this lineup...though it doesn't give much time to decompress.


Jan. 6th, 2005 10:52 am
First of all, Happy New Year to everyone! It's been crazy around here...I've been working overnights so it's hard just to find the time to sleep, let alone post. I hope everyone's new year is off to a fantastic start.

Second, I haven't read anyone's journals yet today because I wanted to post my Alias thoughts before reading everyone else's.

Finally, HOLY ALIAS )

Well...those are my rants. On the whole, a fantastic evening of television. I think I'm gonna like this Lost/Alias combo.



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