As proud as I am to live in America today, as proud as I am that Florida dressed up in blue yesterday, I am sorely disappointed that Floridians felt it necessary to pass Amendment 2. If we could all take care of ourselves and our families, no matter what they look like, the world in general would be a better place. I don't care what anyone does in the privacy of their own home, and I believe no one should care what I do in mine. At the end of the day, it doesn't change much...gays couldn't get married here before, and they can't now. But it feels like the next civil rights issue to me.

Carry on. Yes we can (shall).
Happy Tuesday, to my non-American friends!

I voted on the 23rd of October, so today's excitement has sort of passed by me. I am really excited about the outcome, but am just not feeling it today. Polls here close in 4 minutes!

I went to see New Kids on the Block on Sunday night. You guys...they were amazing. I felt like a 13 year-old. I screamed. A lot. I had a hearing test this morning, and still had a ringing in my right ear, but seemed to pass with flying colors. I am seriously considering flying to Denver next weekend to see the concert there. (My dad's family lives there, so I guess I could see them, too.)

In conclusion, yes we can (or if you voted for Cobra Commander, yes we shall).


Sep. 26th, 2008 08:58 pm
Things! Have happened since I last posted.

I got a promotion! No one was more surprised than me. To all of you who told me to keep my head up after last year's debacle, I thank you. It is amazing to have a manager and co-workers who will fight for you.

I saw Big Bad Voodoo Daddy tonight! Cool, baby. Makes me want to pull out the old CDs.

FL Matt and I went to Rochester this weekend to meet my goddaughter. What a cutie! We had a fantastic weekend. We went up to NY Jenn's grandparents' house on Keuka Lake. It was a beautiful day. Then on Sunday, we went wine tasting and NY Matt and I put Kiera into funny pictures. She wasn't impressed. But we laughed. A lot. Monday morning, before our flight, NY Matt took us to the Strong Museum of Play. REPLICA OF 123 SESAME STREET. I DON'T THINK I HAVE TO SAY ANYTHING ELSE. FL Matt and I didn't want to come home. Alas, we did.

Today was the end of Fiscal Year at work. Also, I was off yesterday. So the morning was a little crazy. Also, there was a huge event load in. Also, we had a going away party for a friend whose position was eliminated (but she's still with the company). Getting things done was a little difficult, but we managed to get everything done by 4:15. Whoop.

So last night, we went to the airport to pick up FL Matt's friend from College Program. She's in Orlando for some sort of scifi convention. We talk about how it's a Supernatural con. She says she has a journal. "A Live Journal?", I think. In a bizarre turn of events, it's [ profile] lostt1! And we have a couple of flisties in common! Including Niki, the awesomesause that should be on every internet sundae. (I feel that metaphor is a little strange, but I'm going to go with it.) Totally awesome how small the world is!

Okay, I'm listening to the Senators be awkward and sort of boring. I guess I should pay attention. But I'm sure I'll realize I forgot something. If I get some energy, I'll post some pictures. :)

Most of you are Kara/Sam, right? I went over to the poll thinger and just to cheese off the K/L fans, I voted for A/R...and now it's 227 to 226. Hee. I know it won't last long. But I got yelled at today by a dumb security gaurd and it's the little things!

I'm not sure I can watch BSG live tonight...I have to be at work at 4AM tomorrow. O.O We'll see.
I was just reading about some of the races here in Florida, and I'm starting to have that sinking feeling of "did anything(one) I vote for pass(get elected)?" The Not that I feel my vote was wasted, it's just disheartening. I was looking at the electoral college map thinking, "I really need to move up north or out west." But then I see...Hawaii is in blue. I could be a Lilo. Go lounge about on the beach, eating pineapple and paying $4 for milk. Yes, Hawaii would be nice.
I realize the county I live in is not regarded as an intellectual haven...but when you have to look through the names of registered voters FOUR TIMES to find my last's time to take a break and maybe go back to third grade. My last name starts with Cu...the lady literally looked through every page of C's up to Cr then started over again three times. I now know why people go crazy at polling places. And it's not because of the wait. I wanted to scream, "Look, I've been here twice, waited almost two hours, and I'm going to be late for work (again) because you don't know that U is after R? I don't think so, Scooter. Flip to the back page, I'll give you five dollars if my name ISN'T on the back page." Point of interest, I would have been able to keep my five dollars.

Other than that, I'm really excited to have voted today, I just wish I could have savored the moment more. And I'm also very excited at what seems to be high turnout. It's nice to see that fewer people are being apathetic. I guess P. Diddy's "Vote or Die" campaign was taken to heart by a few voters.



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