Day the Last:
-We went to Dave & Busters for lunch! So I got to beat the pants of my fam in trivia, play skee ball and the little coin push game that is very addicting.
-Another pretty quiet, but fun day.
-I got to meet T's boyfriend Shad. Pretty cool guy.
-Packed for home tomorrow, then two more days off. Hoo. Ray.
-Thanks to Niki for tagging me! I had fun!
Niki expects me to be happy for eight days, and who am i not to oblige? I will, however, be cheating and doing two days in this post because I guarantee I will forget by the end of the week.

Yesterday, aka Day 1:

-Last day of work for over a week, FTW!
-Matt, Miss Kathy and I exchanged gifts last night, because they left this morning. Matt and FL Jenn went in together and bought me the special edition Ice Blue Nintendo DS Lite. Hooray! Of course, I already knew this because my mom has a big mouth. So, when I was buying Jenn's gift at Toys R Us I bought two games! And Miss Kathy gave me a $50 Wal-Mart card, so I went out and got a third.
-We went to see Abigail Breslin at Candlelight Processional. She was adorable!
-Mike fixed my passenger door lock! (Niki, I used one of your Magic Cookie Bars as payment, also a low cut shirt.)
-But the best part of the day was Matt and Miss Kathy opening their presents from me! I made Miss Kathy some earrings that she adored! And I made Matt a gold-filled box chain bracelet. And I found a cookbook at Half Price Books while I was in Texas that he lost several years back! I think it truly is better to give.

Today, aka The Deuce:

-I've had the house to myself since Matt and Miss Kathy left.
-I'll be making Date Roll as soon as I'm done with this post....mmmmm...Date Roll...
-Today has been pretty uneventful. But I'm happy to be alive!
-Also, I'm having Niki's chocolate chip cookies for dinner...I guess I should see if I have any milk, or I'll have to run to Publix. SPEAKING OF PUBLIX...NEW CHRISTMAS COMMERCIAL! (Stupid YouTube doesn't have a good link yet...) It takes second place behind the Valentine's Day cake!

Hoo. Ray.

Dec. 16th, 2008 09:21 pm
In a scheduling coup d'etat, I HAVE THE WHOLE WEEK OF CHRISTMAS OFF. I CANNOT EVEN BELIEVE IT. I put in for it last year, knowing I wouldn't get it during the bid. And my scheduler put me on the wait list. AND I GOT IT. So, my sister and I have arranged a surprise homecoming. She's the only one who knows I'm coming. I cannot wait. I think it's pretty funny that I'll have to carry all the presents they sent me back to Denver. Oh well. COLORADO CHRISTMAS FTW!

I've been made to feel very special by several of you. Thank you for the well wishes [ profile] rainpuddle13, [ profile] abigail89, [ profile] sarkastic, and [ profile] zorb! AND NIKI YOU MADE ME JUMP UP AND DOWN AND SCREAM! I LOVE YOU WITH THE FIRE OF ONE THOUSAND SUNS!

So, flist: 5, people I know IRL: 2. LJ for the win.

I haven't sent out my cards yet...hoping to finish them tomorrow if work allows.


Sep. 26th, 2008 08:58 pm
Things! Have happened since I last posted.

I got a promotion! No one was more surprised than me. To all of you who told me to keep my head up after last year's debacle, I thank you. It is amazing to have a manager and co-workers who will fight for you.

I saw Big Bad Voodoo Daddy tonight! Cool, baby. Makes me want to pull out the old CDs.

FL Matt and I went to Rochester this weekend to meet my goddaughter. What a cutie! We had a fantastic weekend. We went up to NY Jenn's grandparents' house on Keuka Lake. It was a beautiful day. Then on Sunday, we went wine tasting and NY Matt and I put Kiera into funny pictures. She wasn't impressed. But we laughed. A lot. Monday morning, before our flight, NY Matt took us to the Strong Museum of Play. REPLICA OF 123 SESAME STREET. I DON'T THINK I HAVE TO SAY ANYTHING ELSE. FL Matt and I didn't want to come home. Alas, we did.

Today was the end of Fiscal Year at work. Also, I was off yesterday. So the morning was a little crazy. Also, there was a huge event load in. Also, we had a going away party for a friend whose position was eliminated (but she's still with the company). Getting things done was a little difficult, but we managed to get everything done by 4:15. Whoop.

So last night, we went to the airport to pick up FL Matt's friend from College Program. She's in Orlando for some sort of scifi convention. We talk about how it's a Supernatural con. She says she has a journal. "A Live Journal?", I think. In a bizarre turn of events, it's [ profile] lostt1! And we have a couple of flisties in common! Including Niki, the awesomesause that should be on every internet sundae. (I feel that metaphor is a little strange, but I'm going to go with it.) Totally awesome how small the world is!

Okay, I'm listening to the Senators be awkward and sort of boring. I guess I should pay attention. But I'm sure I'll realize I forgot something. If I get some energy, I'll post some pictures. :)


Sep. 25th, 2008 08:41 pm
Hey, [ profile] morgaine22! Guess who's sitting at my bar next to me (and I didn't even know it)?


That would be [ profile] lostt1!


Aug. 23rd, 2008 12:35 pm
So. I'm sitting in IAH Terminal A. I have Pappasito's in my tummy (jealous much, Niki?), I am crossstitching, and Kenneth Brannagh is reading me The Magician's Nephew.

The only thing that would make me feel better, is not having to take my next flight. But, it's only a 20 min flight, and there will be Starbucks before boarding, so...I'm okay. FREEBIRDS IN 3 HOURS!!!!


Apr. 25th, 2008 08:26 pm
1) I just got a phone call from Saskatchewan. I didn't make it to the phone on time. Are any of you from Saskatchewan?

2) [ profile] morgaine22, did you see us in [ profile] sarkastic's journal? Being all clingy and squished? I make out with you!

3) I have to work from 6am-9pm tomorrow. BOOOO.

4) BSG tonight. YAY!
...wishing [ profile] morgaine22 and [ profile] side_of_zen the happiest of birthdays! My oldest internet buddy and one of my newest! I hope you both had a great day. Also, Happy Earth Day and Happy 10th Anniversary Animal Kingdom.

I've been building furniture all day long and I'm zzzzzzzzzz....I'm back. So, yeah, one more piece to go, then I have to move everything back into my room or storage. And I have to do it all tomorrow. Eep. Then I have 9 days on at work. Weep. I'll post some progress pictures in the morning...or later if I decide caffeine is a good idea.
I thought today was my 2 year anniversary...apparently it was the 5th. But since I was kind of busy that day, I'll celebrate today.

So, yay! *confetti*

Of course, I wouldn't even know about lj if it weren't for the ever-awesome [ profile] morgaine22. Kisses, Nik. I still owe you a dredfully overdue birthday gift...but I need your new addy.

Lots to do today...but I was kind of hoping I would sleep later than 5:15 ON MY DAY OFF. Whatever.

Happy Earth Day, all!  I hope everyone throws their cans in the recycle bin today.  And NO DUMPING!  And....

Happy Birthday [ profile] morgaine22!

I hope you have a wonderful day!  I'll have presents after May 20th...Star Wars Weekends!!!

I'm so excited (for two reasons). First, [ profile] morgaine22 has decided to shun RL for a while and come back to LJ ::cartwheels:: Second, I got my first review for my was just a squee, but a squee pointed directly at me. Yea!

And I've decided to embrace the pain of spending the holidays alone. I have finished my christmas shopping, and am hosting an Orphan's dinner on Christmas Eve for people at work without a place to celebrate. I haven't sent any Christmas cards out, but I say, fuck that, I haven't got any, why should I send any? Embrace the pain!!!

And I just got my Christmas package from Colorado. My step mom always insists that she hates sending money instead of gifts, but I notice that that didn't stop her from sending me a big fat check insted of what I asked for. That works well for me considering I decided I wanted an XBOX right after I told her what I wanted. And what do you know, that check is just about the price of an XBOX. ...Tis the season to be jolly...fa la la la la...I'm going to buy an XBOX!

And...IT'S FRIDAY NIGHT!!! WOO HOO!!! AND I'M GOING TO SEE ROTK ON WEDNESDAY!!!! WOO HOO!!! I'd say I'm looking forward to today, but I'm sure some guest will come along and ruin the day for me, so I'll knock on some wood. Okay, enough with the rambling...
Well, I'm taking the plunge because Niki says all the cool kids are here. I don't have much to say...and I have so many things to say. I'm at a place, much like everyone. That's as far as I'm willing to go for now.



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