I'm so excited (for two reasons). First, [livejournal.com profile] morgaine22 has decided to shun RL for a while and come back to LJ ::cartwheels:: Second, I got my first review for my fiction...it was just a squee, but a squee pointed directly at me. Yea!

And I've decided to embrace the pain of spending the holidays alone. I have finished my christmas shopping, and am hosting an Orphan's dinner on Christmas Eve for people at work without a place to celebrate. I haven't sent any Christmas cards out, but I say, fuck that, I haven't got any, why should I send any? Embrace the pain!!!

And I just got my Christmas package from Colorado. My step mom always insists that she hates sending money instead of gifts, but I notice that that didn't stop her from sending me a big fat check insted of what I asked for. That works well for me considering I decided I wanted an XBOX right after I told her what I wanted. And what do you know, that check is just about the price of an XBOX. ...Tis the season to be jolly...fa la la la la...I'm going to buy an XBOX!

And...IT'S FRIDAY NIGHT!!! WOO HOO!!! AND I'M GOING TO SEE ROTK ON WEDNESDAY!!!! WOO HOO!!! I'd say I'm looking forward to today, but I'm sure some guest will come along and ruin the day for me, so I'll knock on some wood. Okay, enough with the rambling...
Well, I had an excellent day yesterday. So much fun with Buttercup.

Saw The Last Samuri! Oh so good!!! "They're all perfect." Just a beautiful, beautiful movie. If it doesn't get some Oscars, something's wrong.

Anyway, I thought I'd be brave and post some fic. It is, and isn't beta'ed. My great thanks to drunkenfairy at Menage a Trio for betaing. Unfortunatly, when the email came through, part of the email was cut off, and, it just happened to be the part with her beta. Any criticism is welcome. Trio, Rated PG-13 for some snogging and cheekyness. Oh yeah, and there’s an inadvertent wink to [personal profile] toastandtea.

Breakfast in Bed )

Kisses, kel
Sniffles...stupid Vaughn. Stupid, stupid Vaughn.

I got to watch Alias in my manager's office on break last night!!! That was great. Then got home and watched again.

AND TODAY'S MY FRIDAY!!! THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY NIGHT, AND I JUST...GOT PAID (not really, I get paid on Thursday, which is actually my Monday...but I digress).

Stupid crying Vaughn.

And talk about a million questions, here are just two:
So, Jack gets out of solitary, and what, they just let him back into the CIA?
Where were all of Jack's nice suits (in storage?, at Vaughn's house?, with SpyMomski?), and do we really think that after a year in jail, he still fits into them?

Okay, that was more like 3 or 4 questions, but well under the million mark.

Stupid Vaughn.

I forgot---When SpyDaddy said "You probably know this, but I love you," I so wrote it down and tried to figure out if there was a secret message/cypher-text in his statement. Yes, I'm a dork. So is Vaughn.
I love going to work when a co-worker offers to buy me dinner. Of course, it was just a belated birthday dinner, but it still saved me from the crap I packed for lunch...and best of all...Red Lobster biscuits!!!!!
Well, I feel a little better about the whole death situation. My friend Mark took the folks to the airport, and chatted with them the whole way. The parents actually want to come back to Florida AND work for the company. I find that amazing. The mom told Mark that Florida is where her daughter is. :tear:

Anyway, my computer is being less of an asshole, so I may get this whole live journal thing down. :)
I work for, perhaps, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. And, I work in an extremely customer service oriented position. So I had no idea that when I was asked to go pick up some people from the hospital, I would still be sad about it...almost a week later. All I was told was I was picking up two people. Well, I had done this before...someone falls and breaks their arm and after they get it fixed up I pick them up. No big deal. Sunday was a big deal. I knew as much when I walked into the ER waiting room and all the hospital staff treated me differently. I was escorted back into the ER by a security guard to the "quiet room." The chaplain asked if I could give them a few more minutes. Creepy-ness factor raised to two. Still had no idea what was going on. I was taken down the hall to the "police/paramedic preparation" cubical, a place, I believe, that they can go to make any calls to the station or recover for a moment. The chaplain, Bob, came and semi-explained the situation to me. The couple that I was picking up had just suddenly lost there 17 year old daughter. Creepy-ness factor off the scale. We had to wait for the medical examiner to finish with her body so they could view it one last time.


I am an extremely emotional person, and this was over the top. But I tried very hard not to cry while in the hospital. After a while they were ready, and we were on our way back to the hotel. They cried the whole way back, of course. But I was doing okay until I heard the husband say, "hold on tight." I had to try extra hard now. One tear escaped, but I still felt I needed to hold it together for them.

I dropped them off at their room and proceeded back to my office. Where I cried for about 10 minutes. These people were here from England, on the second day of their vacation and their only child passed away (from, I've since found out, an allergic reaction to something she ate).

I don't know why, but I'm still a little sad. I told my mom on the phone last night that it was like being in a movie. I guess if you've read this far my advice would be to call your parents and tell them you love them or go give them a hug if you can. You never know when they'll be gone, or when you'll be for that matter.



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