Hello, bbs! I realize I don't use this journal anymore...but because of the nonsense server migration, I have decided to abandon (I guess more than I already have) this journal and move over to dw. Same user name there...piratesquirrel at tumblr. Come find me if ya want. ❤️ u always! K

ETA: Unless this becomes a flaming trash pile, I probably won't delete is blog...I just wanted to transfer my journal over sooner rather than later.
Today is a day for much celebration! For on this day in 1992 (holy crap, that's 17 years ago), Walt Disney Pictures released Newsies, in which Christian Bale sings AND dances!

*this news brought to you by the good folks at the WDW News Room and too much time on my hands at work*

Also, I got a text from my roommate last night at about 10:45 saying that his parents would be here tonight. O.O His father has refused to visit because...well...he's been a jerk about Matt being gay.

Okay, well, guess all that time I didn't have to clean will make a great first impression!
centerspire: ([sw] Seriously. Bad. Choices.)

First of all, was that John Conner ass-kicking and name-taking? I think it was! Nice to see him take charge!

Secondly, Anakin Skywalker! Now there's the childish, arrogant, immature a-hole we all know and love. Glad to see you back in character!

Third, I love Zak Adama more than cake and television.

Finally, I have to be up in 3 hours...this is bad.


Feb. 26th, 2009 02:23 pm
As predicted, today was much better than yesterday. I got all my errands done in about 4 hours, which, considering how much driving I had to do, is amazing!

Credit Union went okay. I had the same lady as yesterday. Still as unhelpful. I wanted to change the amount of my loan ($130 less). Not a problem until she said I had to pay an extra .5%. Now, I walked out yesterday at 6.24%, and she was saying it had changed and I was not happy. I actually think she was confusing herself because I said it was fine and she still ended up giving me the 6.24%. WHATEVER JUST GIVE ME THE CHECKS SO I CAN GO. Got the checks (yes, I was able to scrape $1900 together. I am being smiled upon from above.).

Drove to Orlando Carmax. Very helpful lady said it was no problem to do the work there (actually, we didn't really do the work there, but I signed the necessary documents and they will be couriered to Sanford). In and out in less than 10 minutes. Thanks, Liz!

Went to Wal-Mart to buy temporary seat protection (read: towels) and some other various necessities. Stopped at Camping World to see if they would order the storage box for Matt's trailer. They actually had one in stock that I'm guessing is the one he looked at and not from Little Guy. Wavered for a moment on buying, but he gets a discount that I do not, so I bought him a gift card! SCORE!

And finally, went to my insurance agent to get the insurance changed over and ask about my hospital policy. My insurance went up less than $20 per month (SCORESCORESCORE!!!) and I found out that my hospital policy sometimes covers more than $100 per day, depending on what happened during the stay (SCOREAGAINOMG!).

So, I'm happy that today went well, but I'm hoping it doesn't mean disaster tomorrow. Maybe if I hide like a hermit, everything will be fine!
There have been many ups and downs...and it's only Wednesday. If the trend continues, tomorrow should be a good day.

So Monday morning, I parked my truck at work and waited for Mike to finish parking. I thought Ernie sounded a little loud, so I put my ear close to the hood. At about that time, Mike said I was overheating and we took a look. There was a big leak (I'm told at the head gasket) so we let it cool down and filled the radiator up and took it to my shop, hoping for the best. (But preparing for the worst...)

Tuesday morning I got the news that it would be $1800 to fix my Ernie. Since we've been together for almost 13 years, I was pretty sad. But, I had been planning to buy an new truck in December anyway, so this just accelerated plans a bit. I spazzed for a few minutes, then got pre-approved for a new truck. Went to Carmax.com and searched the F150s. Found a 2006 with 7100 miles. So after work Matt and I drove to Sanford to check it out. Upon seeing it, I knew it was for me, and the test drive was just a formality. I went ahead and bought it [I cannot recommend Carmax highly enough, btw] last night, knowing I could get a better rate at my credit union. (Carmax has a three day buyout program where you can come back with payment no questions.) I AM ON A HIGH BECAUSE I JUST BOUGHT A TRUCK, YO. I'm trying to figure out how to get Ernie sold, etc.

So, today, I went to get my taxes done at H&R Block. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE LOTS OF DEDUCTIONS OR PROBLEMATIC THINGS, DO NOT DO THIS. I could have done my taxes and saved $119, but I had questions that I didn't know how to answer, so...nevertheless, $119 was a shock. Also, most unhelpful preparer. She asked me a question. Like, "is this an inheritance or a gift?" I WAS HOPING YOU COULD TELL ME, TAX PROFESSIONAL.

Anyway, after taxes, then the fun began. I went to the CU to finish my loan paperwork. Another really unhelpful and unfriendly person lets me know that they can't offer me the full amount for the loan I need because "I paid too much for the truck." Apparently, what Kelley Blue Book says and what I paid are two different amounts. Whatever. I fumed for quite a while. They finally figured out what I could get and it ends up that I need to come up with $1900 by tomorrow. Thank goodness tomorrow is payday. I think I may be able to swing it. As long as I don't eat or buy gas this week. (Thanks for the full tank, Carmax!)

After this, I went to the shop to see if they had found a buyer (I talked to the owner this morning and he said someone was interested). Awesome. He said the highest offer was $750. While I wanted $1000, I knew I wouldn't get that at carmax, and I really needed the money, so I took it. I cleaned out Ernie, cried big elephant tears for my friend, and drove off.

So! New truck! Emmett! He's basically the same as Ernie, but 10 years younger. And he's maroon!

Tomorrow, I have much to do. I have to get the check from my bank, go to Orlando Carmax to pay them off and have the tag transferred, get my insurance adjusted, go to Camping World to get Matt's birthday present, go to Wal-Mart for a few things, and try not to miss Ernie! Emmett has big shoes to fill! Pictures later.

Friday, I'm having dinner with my cousin (I haven't seen him in 13 years), his wife and 3 kids (never met). Interesting! Also, Matt's birthday.

I'm ready for this week to be over. February has been WEIRD.
So, I've been absent. Three reasons.
1-Mom was in town. Good visit. I made her cry in Michael's (in a good way).
2-Work has been killer. Like, so stressed out that I couldn't eat. Luckily, I've got the next two days off.
3-Twilight. I finished. I still find her writing style atrocious, but the story more compelling. Drat. I still have severe heart pupils for Emmett Cullen. Emmett. Yes. Bella can have Edward. Emmett is awesome. Jacob is still my homeboy. I BAWLED AT THE END OF ECLIPSE. FOR LIKE 30 MINUTES. LIKE A KID WHO WANTS CHICKEN MCNUGGETS. I WANT TO GIVE JACOB A HUG. Pud, you were right, things shook out in the end and I was flailing prematurely.

Okay, one link for those following the whole youaredumb.net thinks Dirk Benedict is a moron. Bryan finds out that the articles are OLD. Then he rails on Big Hollywood for a while.

Dollhouse-I'm not so sure. I want to give it a few more episodes.
Lost-I'm two episodes behind. Maybe I'll catch up tomorrow.

Friday is a really hard night to be a geek. I had 5 hours (from a 3 hour period) of TV from Friday on the DVR. T:SCC, Dollhouse, ST:Clone Wars, BSG, and Psych. Whew.
I emerge for a time from Vicodinland to let you all know that oral sugery (part 1) was sucessful. Went in at 7 out at 1. (Holy crap that's five hours!) One root canal, two crowns and four replaced fillings. Pudding, jello, mashed potatoes, soup and vicodin for dinner! Feels like I will have to go back for some bite-tweaking, but yay! Right side is done!
1. Has anyone seen "Commentary! The Musical" from the Dr. Horrible DVD ripped anywhere? I need it for my iPod. I don't care if it's broken up or one long track.

2. HAPPY NEW YEAR, FLIST! It's been a wild one for me! Here's hoping the best thing that happened to you this year is the worst that will happen next year! I heart you guys!
Bonus day!

Although there was a power outage when I arrived at DIA and a promised hour and a half wait, I made it through security in about 30 minutes and to my plane with plenty of time to spare. And my bag made it to Orlando. Am at home and cannot wait to sleep in my own bed. Goodnight, dear flist!
Day the Last:
-We went to Dave & Busters for lunch! So I got to beat the pants of my fam in trivia, play skee ball and the little coin push game that is very addicting.
-Another pretty quiet, but fun day.
-I got to meet T's boyfriend Shad. Pretty cool guy.
-Packed for home tomorrow, then two more days off. Hoo. Ray.
-Thanks to Niki for tagging me! I had fun!
Day 7:
-Spending a perfect Christmas day with my family.
-Prime Rib and not having to do the dishes.
-wii music and wii carnival games. Also, watching T kick serious ass at DDR.
-Losing at Apples to Apples. I guess I can't have great luck two days in a row.
Day 6:
-Sing-a-long Sound of Music with my sisters.
-Christmas Eve ham
-Winning Apples to Apples

For those who celebrate, have an amazing Christmas!
Day five:

-Full night's sleep, FTW. The three previous nights, 4.5 hours each, boo. Also took an hour nap this afternoon.
-Mexican food for lunch.
-Pizza for dinner. Maybe I'll eat a vegetable tomorrow.
-I got to pick out my stocking stuffers!
Actually, I was just so busy last night I didn't have time.

Day 3: I got to see Pat, Karen, Jason and Sam. Also, party at Christi and Neil's (complete with modified Passion Party pitch and freebies).

Day 4, today: CHRISTIE AND I TOTALLY PULLED OFF THE SOOPER SEKRIT CHRISTMAS SURPRISE! Flight was good. And the looks on my family's faces were worth the price of admission. Now I'm chilling with the fam, fixing to play some DS.
Niki expects me to be happy for eight days, and who am i not to oblige? I will, however, be cheating and doing two days in this post because I guarantee I will forget by the end of the week.

Yesterday, aka Day 1:

-Last day of work for over a week, FTW!
-Matt, Miss Kathy and I exchanged gifts last night, because they left this morning. Matt and FL Jenn went in together and bought me the special edition Ice Blue Nintendo DS Lite. Hooray! Of course, I already knew this because my mom has a big mouth. So, when I was buying Jenn's gift at Toys R Us I bought two games! And Miss Kathy gave me a $50 Wal-Mart card, so I went out and got a third.
-We went to see Abigail Breslin at Candlelight Processional. She was adorable!
-Mike fixed my passenger door lock! (Niki, I used one of your Magic Cookie Bars as payment, also a low cut shirt.)
-But the best part of the day was Matt and Miss Kathy opening their presents from me! I made Miss Kathy some earrings that she adored! And I made Matt a gold-filled box chain bracelet. And I found a cookbook at Half Price Books while I was in Texas that he lost several years back! I think it truly is better to give.

Today, aka The Deuce:

-I've had the house to myself since Matt and Miss Kathy left.
-I'll be making Date Roll as soon as I'm done with this post....mmmmm...Date Roll...
-Today has been pretty uneventful. But I'm happy to be alive!
-Also, I'm having Niki's chocolate chip cookies for dinner...I guess I should see if I have any milk, or I'll have to run to Publix. SPEAKING OF PUBLIX...NEW CHRISTMAS COMMERCIAL! (Stupid YouTube doesn't have a good link yet...) It takes second place behind the Valentine's Day cake!

Hoo. Ray.

Dec. 16th, 2008 09:21 pm
In a scheduling coup d'etat, I HAVE THE WHOLE WEEK OF CHRISTMAS OFF. I CANNOT EVEN BELIEVE IT. I put in for it last year, knowing I wouldn't get it during the bid. And my scheduler put me on the wait list. AND I GOT IT. So, my sister and I have arranged a surprise homecoming. She's the only one who knows I'm coming. I cannot wait. I think it's pretty funny that I'll have to carry all the presents they sent me back to Denver. Oh well. COLORADO CHRISTMAS FTW!

I've been made to feel very special by several of you. Thank you for the well wishes [livejournal.com profile] rainpuddle13, [livejournal.com profile] abigail89, [livejournal.com profile] sarkastic, and [livejournal.com profile] zorb! AND NIKI YOU MADE ME JUMP UP AND DOWN AND SCREAM! I LOVE YOU WITH THE FIRE OF ONE THOUSAND SUNS!

So, flist: 5, people I know IRL: 2. LJ for the win.

I haven't sent out my cards yet...hoping to finish them tomorrow if work allows.
1) Show Mom pictures of the snow last night (UGUISE! SNOW!)
2) Fill out really reduntantly long forms for new dentist.
3) Go over new YES content for tomorrow (I'm so screwed if I end up having to facilitate).
4) Go to the bathroom.
5) Catch up on LJ, Facebook and YAD.
6) Get a nosebleed (that's been my favorite so far).
7) Not eat lunch at Pappasito's, since not in Houston. (We'll see how long I can hold out...I have a few more goldfish).
8) Repack toiletries into approved quart sized bag. Mine was the right size, but falling apart.
9) Work on Mom's Christmas present.
10) Wish I had told my manager I needed Friday for travel.
11) Wonder how long to wait before calling in for tomorrow.

Had I known...I would have just one-wayed a car and driven to Houston. Harumph.
But not today. My mother's step-father passed away today. He had been declining steadily, so this was expected, but still sad. I'll be flying to Texas tomorrow, then back on Thursday. Just keep my family in your thoughts and prayers.
As proud as I am to live in America today, as proud as I am that Florida dressed up in blue yesterday, I am sorely disappointed that Floridians felt it necessary to pass Amendment 2. If we could all take care of ourselves and our families, no matter what they look like, the world in general would be a better place. I don't care what anyone does in the privacy of their own home, and I believe no one should care what I do in mine. At the end of the day, it doesn't change much...gays couldn't get married here before, and they can't now. But it feels like the next civil rights issue to me.

Carry on. Yes we can (shall).
Happy Tuesday, to my non-American friends!

I voted on the 23rd of October, so today's excitement has sort of passed by me. I am really excited about the outcome, but am just not feeling it today. Polls here close in 4 minutes!

I went to see New Kids on the Block on Sunday night. You guys...they were amazing. I felt like a 13 year-old. I screamed. A lot. I had a hearing test this morning, and still had a ringing in my right ear, but seemed to pass with flying colors. I am seriously considering flying to Denver next weekend to see the concert there. (My dad's family lives there, so I guess I could see them, too.)

In conclusion, yes we can (or if you voted for Cobra Commander, yes we shall).



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