Jun. 27th, 2011

For sure.

-After having to go into the gas station twice (once to prepay because my card wouldn't swipe at the pump, once to get my change and snack) I had to go back in a third time to get more change back because I was charged twice for something. I wasn't really going to worry about it, because it was like a little bit over a dollar, but I figured I should stand up for myself. And I was rewarded. With a 1928 wheatie penny! Anyone who knows me knows I will go all Ted Mosby when there's old pennies involved. IDEK. But there you go.
-Stopped at work to get my schedule...I AM BACK ON FIVE EIGHTS! STARTING NEXT WEEK! AND I WILL HAVE WEEKENDS OFF! I think this will be a life changer for me in a good way.
-Ordered new debit card so hopefully my card will actually read at the pump.
-Went to Ikea. Unfortunately, I didn't find what I was looking for...grrrrr...but I did find some cheapie mixing bowls. I really only have had one big bowl since I moved in so this is really good.
-Went to BJ's for my trial membership. Had $156 in my account. Spent $147. I am an estimating genius!
-Vacation mail included new return address labels from my university. WHOOP!
-Made it home before the rain.
-Now I'm downloading vacation pictures.

That is all.



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